Chai! See What Greed Did To Her (Girls And Awuuf)

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Chai! See What Greed Did To Her (Girls And Awuuf)

Hahahahaha…..this is serious. Just see what greed did to her. Girls too like awuuf sef. If na her money she no wan spend, but if na man money, she want everything.


Choi! She will never try this again. See this pretty auntie corper that went to a mama put joint to eat. she was even bargaining the price before ooo until a dude asked her to order for more and then she ordered and even requested for take away sef.

What happened when she was asked to pay the bill will make you roll on the floor with laughter. Good lesson for all those big eyed girls. Eat only what you need!

Video Credits: Corpers Heaven.

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