Chisos! See How They Made Fools Of Themselves ( LMAO)

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Chisos! See How They Made Fools Of Themselves ( LMAO)

Kai! This life is hard ooo. See how they made fools of themselves in the Knorr sponsored competition and it is the way they answered what they don’t know with confidence that made the video so hilarious.


How can you enter a knorr sponsored compettion, expecting to win and when you are asked “what is knorr?” You opened your mouth to give an answer like “Knorr is just normal Knorr, it’s just the pronounciation. I think that is how they pronounce it in Canada”. Hahahaha…this boy who do you this kind thing?

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See also how they pronounced dessert and defined three course meal. These people deserve beating I swear. What is all this now? lOL….Watch for a good laugh.

Video Credits: Watsapp.

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