Choi! If You Try This Manhood Prank In Naija (Hilarious)

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Choi! If You Try This Manhood Prank In Naija (Hilarious)

Hehehehe….Not in Nigeria! If you try this manhood prank in Naija….you are on your own and whatever happen to you will be your fault….Some people are just mad fa.


So, this dude was out to prank women by showing an “erected” manhood while serving them in a restaurant. Of course, you could imagine the look of bewilderment on those unsuspecting women who unknown to them were been pranked and filmed.

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It turned out that when they express the shock, the prankster would bring out a flower from the assumed manhood for the ladies. Sweet ehn? Make I hear say he try this kind nonsense for Naija, he will be like wetin panel beater take learn work. Hahahaha…..Watch for a good laugh.

Video Credits: NewsInNigeria.

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