English Language Is A Small Thing Abi? (Hahaha…so Hilarious)

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English Language Is A Small Thing Abi? (Hahaha…so Hilarious)

Hahaha…You think English language is a small thing abi? I am sure you will change your mind after you watch this video of people going through post traumatic stress to understand simple adjectives abi na “ajethief” sef….Lol. And how can you answer question with question…..like “how do you do?”


English language is quite difficult especially for these uneducated adults. They don’t seem to understand why their teacher is always teaching them about two people that thief something…….Compala-thief (comparatives) and his younger brother Supala-thief (superlatives).

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Lol. And then the teacher made matter worse when he said they are both forms form aje-thief (adjectives of course). Na laugh don tear my trousers so. I dey come, make I go change cloth. Hahahah. Enjoy watching and share with friends.

Video Credits:  Naij.com Gossip.

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