Favorite Bedmatic Position (Watch Funny Answers)

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Favorite Bedmatic Position (Watch Funny Answers)

This is too hilarious! What is your favorite bedmatic position? You go fear different kind of answers na. From monkey style to different styles. Kai! This Pulse Tv people will not kill sombori oooooo.


So, as usual, Pulse Television went on the street for the popular Voxpop, to find out what people view as their favorite sex position and the hilarious answers will make you roll on the floor with laughter.

You Won’t Believe What This Girl Can Make You Do

While some people were very shy to answer, others were very detailed about how they want it.

Kai! Why you wan watch? Are you married? I will tell your pastor for you. Looool.

Video Credits: Pulse Tv Voxpop.

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