Hilarious! SeyiLaw Can Use Anyone To Make Money

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Hilarious! SeyiLaw Can Use Anyone To Make Money

This is very funny. SeyiLaw can use anyone to make money including his father and mother in-law. Hahahahaha…..He used his in-laws who attended one of his shows to make a joke and it was epic!


In this performance, SeyiLaw made a joke about how he went to his in-law’s house when he wanted to marry his wife. He was earlier told to accept and eat any thing he is given to show that he love and respect the bride’s family. So, when garden eggs (egg plant) was served him, he was just eating to please them. He ate up to two hundred when his in-laws gave him bill of bride price…….Each garden egg is 10,000 Naira. The bride price is all the garden eggs he has eaten.

Someone Sign Her Biko! Hear This Lady Freestyle Rap.

Hahahahaha….And other hilarious jokes SeyiLaw cracked. He will get you cracking for real.

Video Credits: Kakaki Africa

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