His English Can Rearrange Your Destiny (Hahaha)

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His English Can Rearrange Your Destiny (Hahaha)

Choi! Who do this man this kind thing ooo. Lol…Seriously, his English can rearrange your destiny, change your mindset, can wake the dead and kill the living. Hahaha.


And the wicked interviewer could not even advise him to use his dialect and then find a translator later. How can you allow sombori’s father and husband to go and disgrace his generation like this?

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One thing I like about the gentleman though, he is himself and spoke confidently…Hahahaha. Anyway, who can blame him? English is not his mother tongue jaree. Watch for a good laugh and remember to share with friends.

Video Credits: @Funny_African_Pics, @coretvnewsng.

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