Kai! Don’t You Just Love Akpororo? Loooool

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Kai! Don’t You Just Love Akpororo? Loooool

Don’t you just love Akpororo? Always on point with his comedy delivery. This his performance at The Present House (TPH), Lagos will get you cracking from start to finish.


He started in His usual way. Taking a jibe on women who wear wigs, Akpororo said one lady went on a comedy date with a man. When he was cracking a joke and asking people to shake their heads and say neighbor……The lady shook her head and the wig fall off to reveal her bald head. The man who brought her turned and was shocked to find “another” woman beside him. He asked the bald lady if she saw the beautiful lady he came in with. The lady replied that it was her……..He took off. Loooooool.

Whose Ass Is This Biko? Damn! Must Watch.

So ladies, Akpororo has warned all laddies wearing wig to respect themselves and not shake their heads violently in public places so they don’t risk showing their bald heads and losing their dates. me, thank God, I no dey wear wig , plus I no get bald head.

Watch to laugh off your Monday stress.

Video Credit: I got this on Kakaki Africa and I thought its worth sharing.

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