Lol. Do Not Hire Her As Your House-Help. (This Is Trouble o)

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Lol. Do Not Hire Her As Your House-Help. (This Is Trouble o)

With the demands of schedules come a need for house attendants. But do not hire her as your house-help. This kind one go pursue madam from house come marry oga without any stress oo. Do not say that I didn’t advise you or even warn you. Hehehe.


Number one reason why you should not hire her as your house-help is that she’s too hot. She wears seductive clothes and she is out to take your man from you.

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The pressure of work and family calls for a need to get someone who can help you around the house but not the one who will rather help around the bedroom.


See the way she dey suffer this innocent poor man. well….what do you expect when you leave your husband at the mercy of hot maids like this? Watch and let us know what you think. If you can hire her as a maid.

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