Lol! Our Little Girl Emmanuella Is At It Again

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Lol! Our Little Girl Emmanuella Is At It Again

Looooool! Our little girl Emmanuella is at it again ooo. This talented comedian and her igbotic uncle, Mark Angel will not kill somebody ooo.

click on the link to see another hilarious video I posted here earlier: Lol! What If This Really Happens To You?

Lol! What If This Really Happens To You?


In this episode of Mark Angel comedy, Emmanuella’s uncle, Mark Angel as a proper african ”senior” brother flogged her for no reason even when she pleaded to know what her offense was.

Trust the little girl who waited patiently until her uncle sent her to print out the script of their production shoot at the cyber cafe. She changed the instructions to something else.

Uncle Mark Angel, unaware of the changes on the script and the fact that Emmanuella was ready to take her pound of flesh, got on set only to be slapped repeatedly.

Surprised that the instructions on the script had been tampered with, Everyone started quest to know who changed the script. Guess what Emmanuella was busy doing at the corner? Of course, laughing at her uncle.

Vengeance has been served, square and fair.

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