Lol! What Type Are You? (I Know Myself. Hehehe)

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Lol! What Type Are You? (I Know Myself. Hehehe)

All the ladies, get in here fast. Hahaha….What type are you?  And to the guys, what type is your girlfriend? This is so hilarious. The different types of women when they admire another woman. I know what type I am but tell me yours first then I will tell you mine.


So, This person mentioned five types of women when it comes to admiring another woman’s outfit; the normal, the face spoilers, the lookers, the over complimentary and the snappers and as a woman, you would find yourself or your friend in at least one.

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I believe one woman can be more than one type. It depends on the situation. For instance, I could be over complimentary (mostly though) but if the other lady is not friendly, I could switch to looker’s mode.

Anyways, nice one. Leave a comment and also tag someone who can relate.

Video Credits: KraksTV.

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