Professor Johnbull Hates Lies. Hehehehe

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Professor Johnbull Hates Lies. Hehehehe

Hahaha. Our dear professor Johnbull is not one to be messed with. He hates lies especially when dark skinned girls appear light skinned in photos, all thanks to the almighty photo editor apps.


It is not intentional ooo. Not that we ladies want to lie but the apps have a way of giving us that celebrity look we may never attain in real life. Lol…sometimes, when a take a photograph with camera 360, I hardly recognize myself, not to talk of someone else recognizing me.

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So when prof saw the photos of these ladies who applied for modelling, he was excited to meet them as they all looked like models but that was only possible with the help of applications. Lol…..Of course, he didn’t take them. Impostors! Hehehehe.

Video Credits: Shared By Akpororo D Comedian.

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