Say No To Domestic Violence! Too Funny.

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Say No To Domestic Violence! Too Funny.

Chai chai chai! Say no to domestic violence and hasty conclusions to avoid stories that touch. Looool. But bia, some guys are so funny ooo. Simply because woman na your wife, you don turn her to punching bag, even threaten her dey join.


Well, for this Agbaya husband, his cup became full when his innocent wife received a telephone call from her cousin who has been away on a peace keeping mission. Excited that the cousin “Bolaji” has returned into the country, the already broken and battered woman promised to go see him. But, the mister beater of a husband listening to the conversation tailed the wife to the meeting point.

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And being the abusive husband he is, ignoring all the explanations the wife was giving, started to abuse her verbally and threatening to slap her one and slap Bolaji one.

The game however, changed when she introduced Bolaji as her military cousin who has been in Liberia for peace keeping. And as God don catch that mum husband, The wife had already reported him to her cousin. You need to see correct doubling up and Frog jump. Looooool….Wait for the soldier slap wey the husband collect.

Video credits: Nice one from The Winlos Comedy.

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