See These Agbayas Respond To “What Is The Full Meaning Of EFCC?”

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See These Agbayas Respond To What Is The Full Meaning Of EFCC

Hahahaha…..Abeg what is the full meaning of EFCC? You won’t believe what these grown adults that do not have respect for themselves said. Lol……Agbayas!


Kai….so Street Tv just decided to disgrace these Nigerians just like that. Oh Lawd! I was laughing so hard that my colleague asked me what was happening…..well I showed him this video and he is still on the floor laughing like an olodo.

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Well, to deliver those who don’t know from public shame and embarrassment, the full meaning of EFCC is Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. Hahahaha….Thank you for thanking me.

Video Credits: Street TV.

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