So Funny! Hilarious One From Pencil The Comedian

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So Funny! Hilarious One From Pencil The Comedian

This is a hilarious one from Pencil the comedian. It’s so funny when guys want tto impress girls at all cost. But that kind of attitude can wounjor both pocket and prestige.

Boy Is Singular Girl Is Plural. Lol! This Guy Get Mind!

Hahahaha… it happened that Pencil the comedian wanted to impress his hirlfriend and offered to buy her six human hairs. Three brazilian and three peruvian. The babe shock, as in, na me don dey date big boy.


Pencil didn’t know that each hair cost over a hundred thousand Nigerian naira. He thought its something of three thousand, five hundred naira only. As guy man enter shock for Lekki wey dem knack am pride of 750,000. Na only him by himself find how he take comot from there.

Watch to see what he did next. Hahahaha.

Video Credits: AY Comedian.

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