Some Guys And Sex Though! Emma Oh My God

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Some Guys And Sex Though! Emma Oh My God

Hahahahaha…….This too funny. Some guys and sex though! So, some cannot play with you this Emma oh my God! She just told you that she’s home alone and fia……you don reach there. Ngwanu…Continue but God is watching you in everything that you are doing. Looooool.

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Kai! Some guys and sex sha. this Guy almost have accident when his babe told him she’s home alone. Very important appointment wey he say he been get just cancelled automatically so he could go have sex with her.


But the hilarious part is, he didn’t remember how he used her to do yeye one moth ago. He went on a date with her, told her he had a surprise, knelt down and dip his hands in his pocket. As a sharp babe wey dey expect marriage proposal now, the girl quickly said yes only for Emma oh my God to tell her that he was only Joking.

Fast forward to one month later, his girlfriend told him she was home alone just to get back at him. The moment my guy come in, he has unzipped his trousers only for the girl’s sister and brother to show up and asked what was happening. Confused, Emma said he thought the babe said she was home alone and of course, he had a taste of his own medicine. Yes, the babe was joking………….lol….Vengeance dey sweet sha ooo.

Video Credits: Emma (OH MY GOD)

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