This Is Using Your Own Hands To Buy Trouble!

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This Is Using Your Own Hands To Buy Trouble!

Buhahahahahahaha……….This is using your own hands to buy trouble. Let me laugh in chinese biko……Loooooooool. This is very hilarious!

Twerking Gone Bad. Chineke! Must Watch

So basket mouth and his friend Bovi went to attack a politician who has stolen his girlfriend, threatening to disgrace the man and to end the career!


The man started begging now and as with the usual way of settling issues out of court, the politician offered to pay Basket Mouth five million naira but he said his girlfriend wasn’t for sale. Hehehehe.

As oga man begin plead again and say im go pay Basket Mouth and im friend Bovi fifty million naira cash, na im my guy change mind oooo. Dey begin clean the man sweat.

Being a fast guy now, Basket Mouth asked Bovi to go home ahead of him, (he even carry all im money give Bovi sef) say no issue again, so that only him can hammer the 50k settlement. (bad friend!).

As Bovi come go finish and guy man don lock gate dey wait im money, na im stories that touch started to unfold ooo.

Kai! I have been rolling on the floor all morning. Girlfriend, Basket Mouth no see, fifty million he no see, the small change wey im even get put for pocket before, no dey.

Hahahahahaha……………………….This is definitely a must watch!

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