Throw What In The Trash Bin? (SirBalo Clinic Comedy Skit)

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Throw What In The Trash Bin? (SirBalo Clinic Comedy Skit)

Hehehehe…I thought he said he was Efe’s brother? This SirBalo Clinic comedy skit is just so hilarious. When everyone wants to claim relationship with successful people, this is what happens to them.


He went into a hotel, claiming to be related to the BBNaija winner of 25million Efe. Of course they will give you price na. Bottled water was sold for him at 1500 naira and he cannot believe the hotel attendant wants to trash the empty bottle. Hehehe.

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If na me sef, that bottle will become an edifice in my house ooo. Buy water 1500 and trash the bottle? No way! Throw what in the trash bin?

Video Credits: SirBalo Clinic.

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