What Will You Do To These Kids? Lol…@Oluwadolarz

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What Will You Do To These Kids? Lol…@Oluwadolarz

Loool What will you do to these kids if it’s your paroles they mess up like this? Chai! This is very funny ooooo. When my guy Oluwadolarz don dey escape with lies fa.


This is very typical of kids. message you send them, they will not go. Na dey one wey you no call them, they will just appear from no where and ruin your waka for you.

Game Changer! Is This Guy F..king Kidding Me?

If you live in Nigeria, you will be very familiar with NEPA wahala. They would not give electricity but expect you to pay and when you refuse to pay bills, they will just come and disconnect your electricity supply. After which, the officers will be coming everyday to check if you reconnected illegally then fight fit start.

So, when this dude reconnected his electricity and NEPA Officers came with police to arrest him, guy man been don dey succeed with denial until his siblings came and pour sand sand inside his garri.

The end is so hilarious. Watch!

Video Credits: Oluwadolarz.

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