Who Army Epp? (Death Dey Hungry This Guy.Lol)

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Who Army Epp? (Death Dey Hungry This Guy.Lol)

What else could make this guy say “Who army epp” if not that his village witches and wizards have concluded on his case and decided to use him as sacrifice to the village god? Lol….Death been don dey hungry am tey tey.


He went to kiss a military man’s girlfriend who was his EX. Now, his spirit has to do the bragging for him. Hahaha. When you behave like you are under a spell, Naija will say your village juju or witches don dey follow you.

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If you dated a girl or even if you are dating her and she starts to cheat on you with a military officer, my friend just forget about that girl and run for your life.

Video Credits: Another hilarious one from FatBoiz Comedy.

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