Who Owns The Child? Explain The Boy’s Answer Biko (Wow)

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Who Owns The Child? Explain The Boy’s Answer Biko (Wow)

Wow…Don’t you just love this boy? Who owns the child was the subject of an argument between two guys and a lady. They wanted to know between the man and the woman, who actually has the sole ownership of a child.


Argument went from normal to very weird when a little boy who walked in on the conversation was asked to give his own opinion about the topic of argument, who owns the child.

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His answer is both epic and shocking….if you take your ATM, insert in to a machne and withdraws money, who owns the money? You or the machine?.

Oya…make una give answers. 21st century kids though. Me…I don dey go my house.

Video Credits: @Oluwadolarz.

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