Who Remembers Black And Flat Tummy Jesus? (Hilarious Comedy)

Who Remembers Black And Flat Tummy Jesus? (Hilarious Comedy)

Hahaha…This comedy will make you laugh for years. Who remembers black and flat tummy Jesus comedy video by Seyilaw and FunnyBones? So Hilarious. Easter is a good time to watch this video again.


So, there was an easter production where the death of Jesus would be acted out by people. SeyiLaw was cast as Jesus and he was okay until the beating started. The most hilarious part was how he kept shouting Jesus, the blood of Jesus each time he was beaten.

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Funnybones Kept reminding Seyilaw that he was Jesus thus did not need to call Jesus when he is beaten…The end will make you roll on the floor. Happy celebration.

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