Chisos! Mercy Johnson Get Bad Mouth Sha. Lol!

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Chisos! Mercy Johnson Get Bad Mouth Sha. Lol!

Chai! Chai!… This Mercy Johnson get bad mouth sha ooo. Chisos! The queen of Nollywood displayed her talent yet again in this fantastic excerpts from a home video.


Here is a young man, successful by his own standards, hoping to rescue a stranded princess from the effect of the burning sun. How gentlemanly and nice.

Choi! See Pastor See Trouble ooo (Bad Girl)

But, little did he know that Mercy Johnson is not moved by rusted rickety cars like his. No, air-conditioner, no key starter. She will rather enjoy standing under the sun.

Lol….I can’t stop laughing at the hop in to where question! Watch for a very good laugh.

Video Credits: Nollywood NV.

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