Hahaha Calabar Girls And HotDog ( Watch Video)

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Hahaha Calabar Girls And HotDog ( Watch Video)

Hahahahaha……..Calabar girls and hotdog. This is so hilarious. kai! This calabar babe is too funny abeg. First, how does the madam believe that she can bear such a tush name “Constance”.


See run. So, this calabar girl doing house help with a couple almost killed her “oga’s” favorite dog, simply because she was asked to serve breakfast with hotdog.

Give This A Title Biko! My Ribs Just Cracked..Lol!

Ignorance is just a very bad thing… SMH. she even get mind to tell the madam say, e remain small she for catch the dog. Hahahahaha……….you for kill that dog, see wetin your oga go do you.

Video Credits: Iroko TV

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