He Satisfies His Konji By Sleeping With Beautiful Female Corpses (Must Watch)

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He Satisfies His Konji By Sleeping With Beautiful Female Corpses (Must Watch)

Nothing we won’t see. Is this man okay? He satisfies His Konji by sleeping with beautiful female corpses. The young man is a mortuary attendant in Ghana who was sacked but has refused to go home. According to him, having sex with dead bodies is one of the training required for the post of a mortuary attendant.


The young man in an interview with a Television station in Ghana said he carefully selects sleeps beautiful female corpses to have sex with because he does not have a girlfriend so instead of running around with conji, he decides to sleep with those dead bodies.

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In case you are not familiar with Nigerian pidgin words: KONJI is used to describe a state of extreme “horniness” or a high desire to have sex. This intense drive for sexual relieve could most of the times cause suferers to exhibit irrational behaviors like masturbation, rape, sex with under-age or even beg for sex or indulge in despicable things. Lol…..Konji is a very bad thing ooo.


Na wa ooo. I Thought he was mentally unstable given this shocking revelation but he confirmed he is okay and does not have any mental health issues. Things dey happen sha.

Watch video and let us know if you think the man is normal or insane.

Video Credits: ADOM TV Live.

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