Must Watch: VP Yemi Osibanjo’s Viral Speech (Captivating)

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Must Watch: VP Yemi Osibanjo’s Viral Speech (Captivating)

When he is a pastor and a professor, this is what you get. VP Yemi Osibanjo’s viral speech is something that will gladden your heart. You cannot help but love him.


The vice president of the federal Republic of Nigeria, professor Yemi Osibanjo became an internet sensation at the weekend while making a speech at a christian event. His sense of humor and the skill with whcih he carried everyone along is epic.

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He captured the Dino Melaye’s hit song trend, the whistle blowing trend and the controversial Lai Mohammed statement of comparing the famous Nigerian Jollof rice with Senegal, in a heartbeat. The VP left the audience in pieces.

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This is what a good leader does. Ease off the tension by making people laugh. It doesn’t hurt. Well done sir. Watch and share video with your friends.

Video Credits: Correct Bro.

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