No Speak English, Jenifa Will Not Agree. Lol..Mumu

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No Speak English, Jenifa Will Not Agree. Lol..Mumu

This Jenifa will not kill me one day ooo. Hahaha. She wants an autopsy done on a baby to determine the paternity of the child. Where on earth does she learn those weird things from? She must speak English.


Haba Aunty Jenifa! And she will not ask behind to confirm if she is right oo. She just opens her mouth and as the English flows, na so she go take talk am. Mind you, it is DNA test she is calling autopsy oo.

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Kudos to Funke Akindele and her crew for always making fans laugh. Jenifa’s Dairy is as far as I am concerned, the most hilarious comedy series in Nigeria. Hahahaha.

Video Credits: Jenifa’s Diary.

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