Mountain – Waje ft Lira (Video)

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Mountain – Waje ft Lira

The defiant Nigerian minstrel Waje hits 2017 with a soul encouraging song, Mountain. In this sng Waje features the professional South African singer Lira (aka)  Lerato Molapo.

Watching and listening to the video of Mountain by Waje is indeed a moltivating inspiration for one to keep keeping on. We need more songs like these to encourage one another. Songs that pass a message of hope. Giving one a reason to live another day. Encouraging people to face the storm. Stand in the ring and fight.
We live in times where, it seems like there is little or nothing to live for. Therefore people begin to engage in any thing (negative or positive) to draw meaning out of life.
It’s songs like these that remind people that they have a dream and a purpose on earth. This song serves as a wake-up call to fulfill ones destiny.
The video is just so on point. Couldn’t have asked for more. The energy and drive Waje and Lira express in the video is so contagious it can power a light house(lol). Not to mention that Lira happens to have a striking resemblance to the famous singer Brandy.

The video production is clean and sophisticated. A huge upgrade from what Nigerian home video production used to be in the past. It makes me proud to see that things are getting better in Nigeria all the time. The pace at which we (Nigeria) grow may seem slow to some people but it is sure. This song shows me that the little CHANGE we have been speaking of is already happening. Its only a matter of time.
The voices in the song are just so on point. Good to know that we are beginning to flex our vocal cords to produce the real deal. With such melodious voices, Waje and Lira indeed have their game tight when it comes to vocals.

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