Stephanie Otobo Depends On God In Her Travails (Releases New Music Video)

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Stephanie Otobo Depends On God In Her Travails (Releases New Music Video)

Nigerian born, Canada based singer Stephanie Otobo depends on God in her travails, through the pain  and trials. She acknowledges God as the mighty God.


So much has been going on in her life since her confession of sexual involvement with one of Nigeria’s foremost preachers, Apostle Johnson Suleiman hit the media like tornado earlier this year. An accusation the man of God claimed was untrue and a lie from the marine world to discredit him.


The former stripper has released a video for her new song titled “I Depend On You” to state her resolve to absolutely look unto God to give her justice and to calm every storm around her.

The lyrics of the song expressly states: “Oppression, persecution trying to bring you down. when every thing in your life runs out of control, friends and family they all abandon you. Be strong, be still and know there is God”.

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Towards the end of the video, she said it doesn’t matter the weight of one’s sin, if that individual could call on God, he/she would be forgiven. In my curious mind though, could this be a signal that she’s falsely accused the man of God and seeking forgiveness? Na my thinking mind ooo, make una no vex. Lol

Watch the video. Its a very beautiful song any ways and worth listening.

Video Credits: Chidi Nwanyanwu on Youtube.

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