Hahaha! No One Saw Her (So Embarrassing. Lol)

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Hahaha! No One Saw Her (So Embarrassing. Lol)

Oh Lord. This could be so embarrassing as it has happened to me severally but thank God no one saw her. Looool. Women and plenty wahala. Your hair know you are wearing a wig but it wouldn’t spoil itching you.


But this sister sha….when you know you have fake hair on, scratch your hair like a civilized person na. Lol…See the way she use style to check if anyone has seen her gorimakpa head.

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Talking about wigs…most women cannot do without at least one because on a bad hair day, wig is a big saver. I am even wearing one right now. Oh….behave wig! yoou cannot come and disgrace me here ooo.

Video Credits: Watsapp.

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