Hahaha. No Words. Just Tag A Choirmaster ( Crazy But True)

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Hahaha. No Words. Just Tag A Choirmaster ( Crazy But True)

Looool….My words to caption this have finished biko. Just tag a choirmaster who is as dope or as lit as this one. Laugh have rearranged my English ooo. I cannot even type again. Hahahaha.


How you ever been to a church and the choirmaster is like this? If you have attended a black church somewhere in America or Warri, then you can relate with this. So much energy. Choir members be gasping for breathe after ministrations. Oya….shake body. Lol.

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And God help the church members that day because they would be pumped up with so much excitement, a grandma with arthritis would forget until she gets home and them remembers she was not suppose to jump that much in church. Laugh don wound me, I am going home.

Watch, like and comment with a tag for a choirmaster or choir member who can relate.

Video Credits: Correct Bro.

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