Have You Seen Dogs Praying Before Eating? Must Watch!

Have You Seen Dogs Praying Before Eating? Must Watch!

Woooow. Can humans even do this, religiously?  Have you seen dogs praying before eating? This video will bring tears to your eyes and joy to your heart. I mean, this is one of the cutest things you will see all week, maybe all month.


As humans, we are so impatient to even follow instructions. See dogs know how to say the benediction before eating. And the amazing thing is, even if they were trained to respond this way, many humans have bnen trained much more but yet we don’t always remember to offer thanks before eating. I am also guilty as charged.

LMFAO! Translate To Simple English. You Will Be Shocked!

When I saw this video, I made up my mind that this lesson I learnt from the dogs will stay with me forever. Let’s take a cue from these cute dogs and be patient enough to offer thanks for whatever God has put in our hands.

Video Credit:  (unknown) So Grateful to whoever recorded this video and sent it to me.

Watch the video here and be inspired to always give thanks. Me, I have learnt my lesson oooo

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