Lol! This Falz Is Just A Yeye Guy (Very Funny)

Lol! This Falz Is Just A Yeye Guy (Very Funny)

My belle ooo. This Falz is just a yeye guy I swear. Who does it better than him? Master at shocking people with his hilarious accent and behavior. He is at it again in this hilarious comedy skit from @Yomiblack.

This Falz Is Just A Yeye Guy

So, it happened that our dear guy Falz went to a bank to request for a loan of nine million naira. Of course, the bank had to make some necessary assessments to be sure that the gentleman can repay the loan if granted. Asking what collateral Falz has, the answer this very funny human being call Falz will get you rolling on the floor.

Falz, what is wrong with you? Watch for a very good laugh.

Video Credits: @Yomi Black comedy.

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