Madness Or Worship? This Lord’s Chosen Members Display Though

Madness or Worship? This Lord’s Chosen Members Display Though

Haba! Which one is this biko? What do you call this? Madness or worship? This is the question the gentleman who posted this video asked and I am hoping that someone here watching should be able to tell us.


This is an outing of The Lord’s Chosen Church, somewhere in eastern Nigeria. Maybe an evangelism or street convention but this display of whatever is flooding my mind with a lot of questions ooo.

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Are Nigerians display of religious passion overrated? Does this particular denomination of worshipers behave in this uncontrolled manner in other developed world or is it just a Nigerian style?

The original author of this video said if they try this in Europe or America, the government might just check all of them into the psychiatric clinic to get tested for brainwash. LOl. But really, is there a test to determine if someone is acting under the influence of brainwash? I have plenty candidates to bring forward including myself. Hahahaha.

Video Credits: Omego Okwelle Onuimo on Facebook.

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