Meet Nigerian Girl Who Has Slept With 2788 Men (What Is She Smoking?)

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Meet Nigerian Girl Who Has Slept With 2788 Men (What Is She Smoking?)

The end time is here for real. Meet the Nigerian girl who has slept with 2788 men and that number excludes women she claimed to have slept with. She revealed this shocking secret via crazy Anna.

She calls herself a whore, ashawo and said it is okay to have slept with so many men. Abeg how old do you think she is? I believe say na joke she dey joke. Hahahaha. whatever she is smoking must be very strong. In fact while writing this i couldn’t help but have this song by Mr Flavour N’abania titled “Nwa Baby (Ashawo Remix)” stuck in my head! So for your listening pleasure here it is below!

[zoomsounds_player source=”″ config=”footer-wave” playerid=”236310″ thumb=”” autoplay=”off” cue=”on” enable_likes=”off” enable_views=”off” songname=”Nwa Baby (Ashawo Remix)” artistname=”Flavour N’abania”]

LOL, listen (or download) while reading this to get full experience of this girl’s nonsense accomplishment. So she is now known as Nigeria’s very own “Ashawo No.1” and for those of our foreign friends that don’t know what “Ashawo” means here is a little history:

ASHAWO Meaning

It’s basically Prostitution. In Nigeria, it started way back in the early 1900s, the rising economic importance of Lagos as a seaport and capital city changed the political and economic landscape of the city and contributed to the arrival of Nigerians from the hinterland. They needed work, and businessmen needed… some Comfort, Joy, Mercy, Mary, Jane, Amaka, Titi Lola, etc. LOL, just joking… they needed sex without attachments. That was then. However, more recently the profession was spun by Abacha’s horrid regime (prostitution, 419, and church business started to boom) a lot of our young girls have taken this profession (if you will call it that) global to Europe – notably Italy & Denmark, South Africa and locally to other cities of Nigeria such as Abuja, Port Harcourt etc. Sometimes called “recharge card” or “Pay as you go”, these girls fill ALL the streets of Nigeria like “Point and Kill” (fresh fish waiting to get roasted) even though prostitution is illegal in all Northern States that practice Islamic penal code.

Who Buhari epp?

I ask again ooo… Who Buhari epp? During his administration, in fact both (31 December 1983 – 27 August 1985 and now) there has been a noticeable increase in Ashawo activities. And not only women o! Men have joined this Ashawo Inter-House Sport game! SMH! So shouldn’t Buhari and his economy be to blame for this girl who has slept with 2788 Men? Some blame recession, some blame lack of jobs, some are just looking for an excuse to gain extra income, like a girl I know in Lagos, I will call her “Linda” to protect her identity. Linda owns a shop in Lagos but comes to Abuja to do her Ashawo activities, the extra income has put her younger brother through University… and NO he doesn’t know, he thinks its the money from her shop that put him through school. Or maybe he knows… and has turned a blind eye?

Well as our dear hunk of a man Flavour would say…
” Nwa baby, nye me ife gi Nwa baby, okwa n’abania

Ara dara ada, adago
Ife bara aba, abago
Uwu nwaanyi, a na-mighari
Ha egburu gba go, Ha egburu gba da.
Baby baby fire dey go
All the boys don kolo
And they want some kporokotokpotomkpom
She come dey piompiompiompiompiom

Waka waka baby, oh yeah
Wuru wuru baby, oh yeah
Corner corner baby, oh yeah
And I go tell my mama, oh yeah
And I go tell my papa, oh yeah
And I go tell am say, oh yeah
You be waka waka baby, oh yeah
You be chuku chuku baby, oh yeah

Baby sawaleh
Sawa sawa sawaleh
Sawa sawa sawale, ash!”

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Anyway, before you doubt that this Ashawo business is not a profession in Nigeria, just know that they have an association called National Association of Nigerian Prostitutes (NANP), if you recall Palpable pandemonium ensued after the 2015 election. LOL.

As for this girl who has slept with 2788 Men (see full video below), who knows maybe she is running for 2018 NANP President? But, if na my younger sister ehn… Correct beating! What rubbish?! Watch video below, share and tell us what you think biko.

Video Credits: Gossip Mill Nigeria.

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