Never Mess With A Soldier. Hilarious Video (See Punishment o.)

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Never Mess With A Soldier. Hilarious Video (See Punishment o.)

The things soldiers can take people do ehn. Hahaha. This is why you must never mess with a soldier. These two guys had their faces slapped to stupor by each other…yes, they were ordered to slap themselves.


I never see this kind thing before ooo. Lol. From the story, they are three thieves somewhere in Ghana who cut down trees illegally and sell them off to make money. Well, luck ran out on them when army officers caught them. The soldiers didn’t beat them ooo. They simply ask them to keep slapping one another.

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This reminds me of a man who bought sachet water for soldiers to appreciate their work at the checkpoints without being told to. He was asked to climb their truck and to keep waving all the vehicles plying the road. Hahaha. The kind of punishments the military gives ehn.

What do you think about this kind of punishment for civilians. Wicked? Your comments.

Video Credits: Gossip.

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