Only One Man In Nigeria Can Interpret This…LMAO!

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Only One Man In Nigeria Can Interpret This…LMAO!

Kai! My Neighbors have been wondering if I am okay. I can’t stop. I know, only one man in Nigeria can interpret this gangatous equolentsencial display of hullabaloo. What is the galvanizing rationale behind this Lingua franca massacre? Hahahaha….make my computer no come crash oooo. Ofcourse, that man is non other than Patrick Obahiagbon. But wait! Are those even real English? Chai!


Omo, see as my system dey hot with underline red in every word. WHo are these guys men? Patrick Obahiagbon should be very proud of his protegees as he is the only man alive in Nigeria who can interpret this mene mene tekel upasin English.

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Choi! Continue! This English you people are speaking, there is God ooo. Abeg, let me come and me going home before laugh go burst my bladder.

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Video Credits: Correct Bro.

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