Shey This Is How Trouble Starts (For Most Innocent Men. Lol)

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Shey This Is How Trouble Starts (For Most Innocent Men. Lol)

Kai! This is how trouble starts ooo for most men. Someone will just be minding his business at trying to be a good dude until this kind of lady shows up with this kind of video online and then gbege will just start from nowhere.


Our “broses” dey try no be lie. They want to be good guys but it is very difficult when there are bad girls everywhere. How can you have this kind of a body, dress in this kind of way and be twerking in this kind of video and you expect a good guy to see in on a monday afternoon and still remain a good guy?

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Rara oo. I think I need to speak with the president about this kind of videos. They might be the reason behind the recession. Because when a guy see this, he cannot be productive thinking….oh wait! the only productive thinking he will be thinking is how to give the girl belle. Hahahaha….Apostle must hear of this.

Video Credits: Gossip Mill Nigeria.

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