Someone Sign Her Biko! Hear This Lady Freestyle Rap.

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Someone Sign Her Biko! Hear This Lady Freestyle Rap.

Oh my God! Get in here and hear this lady freestyle rap. The lyrics, the flow, the coordination, everything is epic. She could arguably be termed as the best or do I say the most talented female rapper in Nigeria.

Siting comfortably in front of her home, this raw talent picked her rap lines fro her conversation with her mum who didn’t want her baby girl to be a rapper but she doesn’t care what her mama does to her, she’s a rapper and that’s who she is. Lol……I am sure her mama would have a change of heart when she sees her baby girl’s talent appreciated across the world.


I beg all the big names in the music industry Don Jazzy, Chocolate city, e.t.c to please find this lady and sign her. Talents like this one should be encouraged and celebrated.

What I love most is the effortless way she raps. To her, this is part of life. I am sure she doesn’t need plenty plenty grooming. At least, not for rapping. Maybe on how to be a super mega star.

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Video Credits: Gossip Mill.

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