This Lady Has Got Some Steps Mehn! (Watch)

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This Lady Has Got Some Steps Mehn! (Watch)

Wow! This lady has got some steps. You need to watch her dance. She’s fluffy but very flexible. And she definitely enjoy her moves too.


Chai! Wetin me I do that I cannot even dance small sef? Since God knows when, I have been practicing one step all to no avail. When I see ladies like this groove it, I know that I don’t even stand a chance at all. Because na only my right leg sabi dance.

Awwww! Video Of The Month. Must Watch!

The excitement on her face makes watching her dance so enjoyable. I am hopeful that some day, I will be able to pull some dance stunts as this but for now…………………..lemme coman be going to my house!

Video Credits: AYCOMEDY.

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