Well… Ladies, Do You Agree with Her on Nigerian Court Marriage? (Must Watch)

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Well..Ladies, Do You Agree with Her? (Must Watch)

Well said. Ladies , does Nigerian Court Marriage make sense to you? Do you agree with her? This beautiful sister who calls herself ordinary Jaban first lady advises African, especially Nigerian ladies on marriage and to me, there is a lot of sense in what she said. The alarming rate of divorce has called for every woman to insist on court marriage to avoid stories that touch.


She said she has nothing against traditional marriage but that court marriage gives a measure of security to the woman and her children.

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Nigerian Court Marriage

Well, this advice is handy largely because most Nigerian men do not want the court marriage which in a way gives right to the woman. If case of divorce or separation, the court marraige ensures  that the woman is not thrown out on the streets empty handed.

Watch the video and et us know what you think.

Video Credits: Naij.com Gossip.

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