Why Did The Nigerian Army Stoop This Low? (What Shameful Video)

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Why Did The Nigerian Army Stoop This Low? (What Shameful Video)

There is no record of what he did but why did the Nigerian army stoop this low to melt this kind of harsh and cruel treatment on him? This is demeaning the uniform and a disgrace to the Nigerian Army headquarters as a whole.


You do not treat other humans like dogs because you are a uniform man. These officers should be queried for this. Haba now! Na person pikin ooo. Could even hear in the background that the man isn’t well…whether ill or insane, that was one punishment too many Biko.

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The army officers are aware that there were doing something wrong and abusing the civilian’s human rights by this dehumanizing act. That is why you could hear them say to each other, to call the guy who recorede this video when they noticed someone was making a video. Thank Go they didnn’t succeed else you wouldn’t be watching this write now.


Watch and keep forwarding this video. Let’s make it go viral so the bosses at the Nigerian army will be aware of what their boys are doing instead of fighting terrorism.

Video Credits: Naij.com Gossip.

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