Will You Play This Game For 10,000 Dollars? Hehehe

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Will You Play This Game For 10,000 Dollars? Hehehe

Well, I want the money but not the game. How about you? Will you play this game for 10,000 dollars payment? Remember in this type of water, there could be dangerous and hungry crocodiles.


Hehehe…I do not mean to scare you but though 10,000 dollars is a lot of money but think about what could happen to you before you decide what option to go for.

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In fact, leave the money matter first. These Oyinbos like rough play too much. In their minds now, they are catching fun until a crocodile catches someone now. Let me go before the worst happens. Hehehe. No be me, you can keep your money.

Video Credits: Gossip Mill Nigeria.

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