You Won’t Believe This Lecture Happened In Church!

You Won’t Believe This Lecture Happened In Church!

And where was the pastor? You won’t believe this lecture happened in church. Lord have mercy! So, this Zimbabwean female comedian performed in church and gave this raunchy sex lecture to all the women present.


While some people may see this as am abominable act, other people actually see it as a proper orientation session for women. Accept it or not, the human need for sexual satisfaction is always there.

Uncle Principal Is Very Bad! (Sodom College)

And before that small small girls out there whose waists are made of fire snatch your husbands, it is better you learn how to wind that your waist oooo! Lecture inside church or no church.

But, this female comedian get mind sha. Lemme coman be going as I never marry, wetin kwancern me?

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