Urgent! Watch This If You Are A Mum Or Have One!

Urgent! Watch This If You Are A Mum Or Have One!

please carefully watch this if you are a mum or if you have or had one. This is to appreciate every mother out there and to wish you a very happy mothers day.


Your sleepless nights, your sacrifice of love, for the discomfort and changes in your body during the nine months of pregnancy the pain you endured in  the delivery room. You risked losing shape and beauty when you bravely accepted to bear all the consequences of child birth………the stretch marks, The surgery scars, the excess weight!

For all the nights you went hungry so your kids could have enough to eat. For staying awake all night to watch over your baby and to ensure they are breathing just fine. For spending allyour time, praying for your kids. For pushing even when your body was tired. And every other thing you do in secret.

Loooool So True! Does Your Mum Do This?

Who can fully understand or repay your sacrifice and love? Most times, your efforts even go unnoticed or seen as obligations you must fulfill. Yet you still do those things joyfully and willingly.

From us at Naija.fm, we want to say thank you to every mum and mum figure out there. We love and respect all you do and just know that though, you don’t hear it all the times, you are deeply loved and valued.

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