Hahahaha. This is The Church Of Gbedu

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Hahahaha. This is The Church Of Gbedu

Wow! Isn’t it amazing that such vibe can flow in a church function. I officially declare this the church of gbedu in Nigeria. Lol…This is serious grooving in church.


You know, the beauty of life is seen when you respect the beliefs and views of others. Some churches would be solemn and do a single file procession, Other would shake it, yet others go into serious gbedu mode. All combine to give the variety which is said to be the spice of life.

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I should be in one of those someday, maybe then, all hope of me learning a few dance steps won’t be totally lost. Hehehe….but until then, I will be good at bringing you amazing videos.

Video Credits: Gossip Mill Nigeria.

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