This Video Is Everything You Want On A Sunday!

This Video Is Everything You Want On A Sunday!

Oh my God……………………This video is everything you wanna see on a Sunday. It will send chills down your spine and give you goose pimples.

Kenny Blaq Must Watch Performance At Coza.

The young man has an understanding of the “awesomeness” of God and in this recitation, captivated it well. The rhymes and the rhythm will get you up and jumping and clapping all at the same time.


This expressly captures all the traps the enemy has set for us. The devil wanted us to die and fade away like suck-away. They thoug that my now, our joy would have fade away. But let us give thanks to the Alpha, who has brought us this far, even before people can ask us how far……………..

Enjoy your Sunday as you watch.

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