What Will You Do To These Guys If It’s You?

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What Will You Do To These Guys If It’s You?

What will you do to these guys if you discovered that all the run you run for your dear life in order not to be used as sacrifice for money rituals is just a huge prank?

What Will You Do To These Guys

This MC Marcapolo annd his boys are bad like that. In this hilarious prank series, he was on the street with two scary looking guys, pranking people about a sacrifice to some gods. He was on the phone like “Baba, the sacrifice is ready”. You need to see how people tear race, some even leaving their girlfriends behind sef.

God Don Catch Those BVN Boys! Lol Can You Relate? @Yawa

Only to realize its a stupid prank. Watch for a good laugh!

Video Credits: Pulse TV Pranks.

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