Busted! They Were Caught Pants Down Doing It (Hilarious)

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Busted! They Were Caught Pants Down Doing It (Hilarious)

These guys are sick. Hahahaha………They were caught pants down, doing bad thing or so every one who was watching thought, including the security who called for back up.


Hahahahaha….This guy needs serious beating for misleading the entire public into believing that he just got busted while having sex with his babe.

Hahaha Calabar Girls And HotDog ( Watch Video)

People too like amebo in this 21st century sef. See as every body comot phone dey video. Next thing you will see on twitter would be “Lovers caught making out in a public gents”. I am sure they were disappointed with the outcome. Lol.

Video Credits: Rangilaboys @SoFlo.

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