Ewoo! See What Hunger Did To Him. (Hilarious Video)

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Ewoo! See What Hunger Did To Him. (Hilarious Video)

Hahahahaha…..See what hunger did to him oooo. Kai! This life is just a pot of beans. Have you been this hungry before that you would eat food anywhere you find it.


So, this guy was so hungry that when he met a mad man eating, he did not stop to check who was eating. Hahahaha, he greeted the mad man, invited himself to join in the meal. The man offered the food……..after one spoon he discovered the rice was sour and he demanded to go quarrel the restaurant owner.

Marriage Proposals In Different Churches. Loool!

You will be shocked where the restaurant is Located. Lol…..This life!

Video Credits: Real House Of Comedy @Thespian_Nozy,  @Kastropee.

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